Check Out Cubs Manager David Ross' ‘Old School,' ‘Classics' Movie List

Check out David Ross' ‘old school, 'classics’ movie list originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

We all have a list of go-to TV shows and movies in our personal viewing circulations. For example, former Cubs manager Joe Maddon's affinity for TV sitcom "The Office" was well documented during his five seasons in Chicago.

While Maddon quoted Steve Carrell's Michael Scott character in media sessions through the years, current Cubs manager David Ross recently slipped in a line from the movie "Tommy Boy." That brought forth a question to Ross during Saturday's Zoom session with reporters.

What's on Ross' viewing list?

"I'm old school," Ross said. "'Dumb and Dumber,' 'Tommy Boy.' I'm a classics guy."

Ross added he's currently watching "Crash Landing on You" on Netflix, but it's those "old school" movies that are atop his list.

"If you're going to hear a line, it's going to be probably one of those out of me," he said. "'Major League,' all the all the stuff that probably none of the young kids can relate to at all."

One reporter joked it's worrisome how Ross called those movies old school. "Major League" was released in 1989, "Dumb and Dumber" in 1994 and "Tommy Boy" in 1995.

Ross joked in response how another reporter recently called his playing career "the olden days."

"It's like I'm just just playing the part," Ross said, smiling.

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