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Bears' Matt Nagy Felt ‘Love and Support' From Players Vs. Lions

Matt Nagy felt 'love and support' from players vs. Lions originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Over Matt Nagy’s tenure as Bears head coach, he’s earned fair criticism about things from playcalling to time management. But one thing he’s always succeeded at is keeping his locker room together, preventing Halas Hall from becoming a circus even amid challenging losing streaks. This week, that was put to the ultimate test with rumors swirling that he had been told the Lions game would be the last as head coach.

But for now it appears that Nagy and the Bears were able to weather the storm, and come through the other side intact. They overcame both outside adversity, and some shoddy play on the field, to finally get back in the win column. After the game, Nagy said he felt his players had rallied around him, and his assistant coaches too.

“There was a lot of love and support, which I appreciate,” Nagy said.

“Only thing I can do is give complete appreciation and thanks to the players and coaches. I can’t ask for anything more. This is a special group across the board and you know, obviously stating the obvious, we’ve been through some stuff, the distractions the last couple days. But it just proves who they are.”

Nagy repeatedly gave the credit to his players for being able to block out the noise, come together, and make enough plays to win the game. To him, that showed the true character of his team一 not what they put on display over their five-game losing streak.

“That group of guys in that locker room right now, players and coaches, I'll put them up against anybody,” Nagy said. “I love them to death and they're freaking warriors, man. They know how to win. They're not losers. They know how to win and I appreciate that about them.”

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