Bears' Anthony Miller Points to Play-Calling as Key to Success Vs. Lions

Miller: Plays we can execute 'need to be called' on Sunday originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears have remained pretty blunt about the offensive struggles over the latter half of their five-game losing streak, but perhaps no one has been as brutally honest with a diagnosis as wide receiver Anthony Miller was on Friday. 

Talking with media, Miller said that even though the offense got to 25 points in Sunday night's blowout loss to Green Bay, he didn't feel like the team 'did anything better.'

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"Yeah there was some positive strides, but I feel like the game was already lost once we started moving the ball," Miller said. "Once we started actually doing stuff, I feel like it was too late, once we actually started to execute on some plays. Even though you say since Week 3, stuff has been, we did something better, I don't feel like we did anything better. I feel like we got hit in the mouth coming out, and we just tucked our tail and ran away. I feel like going forward we need to be the ones throwing the punches coming out.  Not play like we are already up, we have to be on the attack because I believe we have the pieces to do it."

It's quite the honest assessment from Miller, who didn't stop there. When asked what the offense can do to figure things out against the Lions this week, he offered a suggestion that surely caught some eyes on Twitter (and maybe at Halas Hall, too). 

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"I think the plays that we practice and that we execute in practice all week, they need to be called when we get to the game on Sunday," Miller added. "We know we can execute them, we just, everybody just needs the chance to ball out. That's my take."

Yikes! Players spent most of this week downplaying Matt Nagy's defensive call-out – that apparently wasn't actually calling anyone out? – so it'll be interesting to see if the coaching staff returns the favor. There might be an ugly week coming up if the Bears can't handle Detroit on Sunday. 

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