3 Roster Holes Cubs Need to Address This Offseason

3 roster holes Cubs need to address this offseason originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Theo Epstein was upfront about the Cubs’ offensive shortcomings this year.

“Simply hoping for a better outcome moving forward, doesn't seem like a thoughtful approach,” Epstein said in his end-of-season press conference last week. “So, embracing some change, even significant change, is warranted.”

Whether or not the Cubs can pull off the trades to make that kind of change remains to be seen. In the midst of a pandemic, the market remains unpredictable.

The Cubs do enter the offseason with depth in several positions and some roster flexibility. There are a few areas, however, where the roster is thin, if not downright holey. And those soft spots aren’t only on the offensive side.

Here are three roster needs the Cubs must address this offseason:

3 roster holes Cubs need to address this offseason 

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