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How a massive bet with Michael Jordan helped Justin Thomas pay for his first car

Golf star Justin Thomas appeared on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' and told a hilarious story about Michael Jordan

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Helping Michael Jordan win a round of golf (and more importantly, a bet) is worth a massive reward, according to Justin Thomas.

The 15-time PGA Tour champion appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and shared a hilarious story about the time he won thousands of dollars in a wager with the former Chicago Bulls icon.

Growing up, Thomas's father worked as a pro at a country club in Lexington, Kentucky, where Michael Jordan would stop in for a round of golf once a year while in town for the Kentucky Derby.

"I [was] probably 15 years old," Thomas said.

"I would be the caddy for the group. Then finally the last year they came out and [Jordan] said, 'little man, go get your clubs. You're gonna play the last seven holes with us.'"

Jordan claimed Thomas as his partner, but wouldn't tell the teenager how much money was at stake.

"I made four birdies in seven holes and helped pay for my first car," Thomas said. "I won, I think, probably three or four grand."

That was just the start of how much dough Thomas would go on to make playing golf. The now 30-year-old has won two majors and more than $56 million in official Tour earnings.

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