Why Cubs Players Rub Their Helmets After a Hit

If you’ve seen Cubs players furiously rubbing their helmets during a game and wondered why, well, you’re not alone.

Cubs fans first started noticing that players rub their helmets repeatedly after getting a base hit earlier this season, but the move has been on full display since the team entered the postseason.

The reason behind the tradition is a bit of a “helmet” scratcher.

Apparently it all stems from Starlin Castro and Jonathan Herrera. Herrera told ESPN that Castro “rubbed his head real fast” after a joke one time and that prompted Herrera to do the same move after he got on-base that day.

Ever since, Herrera said, “we keep doing it.”

Anthony Rizzo said during an interview on the Kap and Haugh Show that the team saw Herrera do the move and the rest of the players just started doing it too.

For those of you that haven’t noticed the move, here’s a video of Castro doing it after hitting a ground-ball RBI single:

And that’s not the only strange helmet move the Cubs have made during the season so far (see: their rally helmets).

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