White Sox Send Pitcher Chris Sale Home for ‘Clubhouse Incident'

The ace pitcher argued with the front office about the jerseys the team was scheduled to wear, according to multiple reports

The White Sox scratched pitcher Chris Sale less than an hour before Saturday's game against the Detroit Tigers for a "clubhouse incident."

“Chris Sale has been scratched from tonight’s scheduled start and sent home from the ballpark by the White Sox due to a clubhouse incident before the game," White Sox senior vice president/general manager Rick Hahn said in the statement. 

"The incident, which was non-physical in nature, currently is under further investigation by the club."

According to multiple reports, the incident was a disagreement, not between Sale and one of his teammates, but rather between the star pitcher and a member of team management.

The argument reportedly began over the jerseys the team was supposed to wear Saturday, according to several reports. 

"Chris Sale incident stemmed at least in part from his protest to use of throwback jerseys, sources confirm," Jon Morosi of MLB Network tweeted.

"Sale asked that they not wear (throwbacks) on his day because they are uncomfortable. Things escalated when they wouldn't relent," Ken Rosenthal added.

The team was scheduled to wear the 1976 throwback edition jerseys, a blue shirt with a collar, according to a release from the White Sox to preview Saturday's game. Sale reportedly cut up his own and possibly other team members' jerseys during the argument, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. Sox players could be seen during Saturday's broadcast of the game wearing the 1983 throwback jerseys they were scheduled to wear Sunday. 

The argument may have stemmed from Sale's frustrations over rumors and discussions that he may be traded, a source told NBC Chicago, with much of the anger directed at the team's handling of the trade speculation involving him. 

This wouldn't be the first time that Sale has had a conflict with a member of management this year. During spring training when Adam LaRoche abruptly retired due to the team's insistence that he stop bringing his son into the clubhouse, Sale reportedly got into a heated argument with team president Kenny Williams.

Sale was scheduled to start Saturday, has a 14-3 record this season, and was the starting pitcher for the American League club during the MLB All-Star Game earlier this month.

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