Video: Kris Bryant Mural Goes Up in Lakeview

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant has made a massive impact on the franchise since he was drafted three years ago, and his fame has made him one of the most recognizable athletes in Chicago.

Thanks to artists Max Sansing and Hebru Brantley, Bryant’s no longer just a larger-than-life figure on the baseball field and in the minds of fans: he’s literally got his face painted onto a building.

In a collaborative project with Red Bull, Sansing and Brantley created a mural of Bryant on the side of a building in the Lakeview neighborhood, and the results are simply stunning.

Here is a video detailing the project:

“I saw pictures of it, and I couldn’t really see the colors, but standing here, it’s crazy,” Bryant said. “I think he made me a little more jacked than I really am. I’ve always thought I had some artistic skills, but nothing like this.” 

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