Cubs, Sox Battle Dodgers on Twitter Over Derrick Rose's Hat

Derrick Rose’s attire during a visit to Dodger Stadium Monday has some of his hometown teams a little upset.

Rose and his son were seen in a photo tweeted by the Los Angeles Dodgers wearing a Dodgers hats.

“Nice hat, @drose,” the Dodgers tweeted Monday.

The tweet sparked a bit of a Twitter feud with some Chicago teams.

The Cubs replied saying, “@Dodgers Didn’t you troll us enough this weekend?”

And the White Sox joined in by tweeting a photo of Rose in a Sox jersey and hat with the caption “@Cubs @Dodgers Break it up, you two. We’re good."

It’s not quite clear where Rose’s baseball allegiance stands.

Rose appeared at a game at U.S. Cellular Field in 2008 wearing a White Sox jersey and hat. But his son P.J. was seen sporting a Jon Lester Cubs jersey during a press conference earlier this year.

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