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Senator Durbin Calls for MLB Teams to Extend Netting in Stadiums

A day after a toddler was struck by a line drive at Yankee Stadium, Senator Dick Durbin is joining a growing number of public figures to call for improved netting at big league stadiums.

In a statement issued Thursday, the senator asked MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to extend the netting at all 30 big league parks following the incident.

“The solution is clear: extend the nets protecting the fans,” he said. “Ten teams have already taken this important step. But, it is not consistent throughout MLB stadiums. For the good of the sport and the safety of your fans: extend the nets.”

Durbin’s statement comes after a young girl was struck by a line drive off the bat of Yankees infielder Todd Frazier. The ball, which was travelling at over 100 MPH, struck the girl in the face, and she was immediately taken to a local hospital.

On Thursday, the Cincinnati Reds announced that they will extend the netting at the Great American Ballpark in time for next season. 

All 30 teams have met new MLB standards that netting extend 70 feet down the foul lines, but only nine teams have extended netting past that. Wrigley Field and Guaranteed Rate Field are not among those stadiums, according to NBC News. 

Some cities, including New York, are considering passing city ordinances to require teams to extend netting to protect fans. 

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