Cubs Fan's Act of Kindness for Blind Man Goes Viral

While the Chicago Cubs have won five straight games at Wrigley Field this week, the good vibes are extending even outside the ballpark as a kind gesture from a stranger is making the internet buzz.

On Saturday, Ryan Hamilton was at the Old Crow Smokehouse near the ballpark when he saw a blind man trying to hail a cab. After his attempts were unsuccessful, a young woman stepped up, asked him if he needed help, and proceeded to get him a cab ride away from the field.

Ryan snapped a few pictures of the kind gesture and posted them on Facebook.

“Wanted to give a shoutout to this girl. There was a blind Cubs fan trying to hail a cab for several minutes until the lady came up and asked him if he needed help hailing a cab,” his Facebook post read. “She stood there with him until one pulled up. Awesome to see such kindness in a world that the media portrays so much hate in. Share freely in hopes that her kindness spreads.”

The post immediately went viral, with nearly 9000 people liking the post on the social media site.

The woman in the post has yet to be identified, but one would hope that other people will take after her example the next time that they see someone in need of a helping hand. 

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