Kris Bryant Reveals That Cubs Teammate Will Stand Up in Wedding

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant was among the team’s players who made their way around the late night TV circuit on Monday night, and during his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the star revealed that one of his teammates will be standing up in his upcoming wedding.

Bryant, who is engaged to fiancée Jessica Delp, will be getting married on Jan. 7, and he won’t be without one of his Cubs teammates at the altar, as first baseman Anthony Rizzo will stand up as a groomsman in the ceremony.

“Anthony Rizzo’s actually going to be in the wedding, which is cool,” Bryant told the late-night host. “He’s one of my really good friends. So it’ll be fun.”

The duo has formed one of the more notable friendships on the team, even recording ads together and frequently crashing each other’s social media feeds. They also combined to make the final out of the World Series, as Bryant threw to Rizzo to get the putout and a championship for the Cubs.

As for whether or not Bryant’s teammates will be invited to the wedding, the third baseman said that they were all on the guest list, but there was one teammate that would be subjected to a dress code.

“I hope Travis Wood shows up with a shirt on,” Bryant said with a laugh.

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