Greg Maddux Pulls Epic Prank on Kris Bryant

Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant proved to be difficult to pitch to during his MVP season in 2016, so one company decided to up the ante by pitting him against a Hall of Fame pitcher.

That company is Red Bull, and in order to get Bryant into the box against a Hall of Famer, an elaborate ruse was concocted. Former Cubs pitcher Greg Maddux was an all-too-willing participant in the charade, and he dressed up as a sound man recording audio on Bryant’s new video for the energy drink company.

The results were predictably awesome:

Even though Maddux still has a ton of movement left on his pitches, one has to wonder just how awesome a matchup between the hurler and Bryant would have been with both players in their prime. Could Bryant have dealt with Maddux’s insane curveball or his pinpoint control? Could Maddux have been able to work around the plate even with Bryant’s insane coverage ability?

We’ll never definitively know, but one thing’s for sure: this video certainly makes the question a lot more fun.

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