Famous Schwarber Home Run Ball Back Atop Video Board

Last postseason, Kyle Schwarber became a Chicago Cubs playoff legend as he parked a home run atop the right field video board. On Monday, the ball is back where it belongs

Chicago Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber won’t be hitting any home runs at Wrigley Field this summer, but the team has ensured that his most legendary moment at the stadium is properly immortalized.

On Monday morning, Cubs president of baseball operations Crane Kenney told the “Mully and Hanley Show” that the Cubs have put the ball that Schwarber hit onto the top of the right field video board back where it landed last season. The team put a glass case around the ball during the postseason last year, and after taking it down for the winter, it has been put back into its original spot.

For those who may have forgotten, here is the video of the mammoth home run: [[375280081, C]]

The bomb was one of five that Schwarber hit during the 2015 postseason, giving him more home runs than any other player in Cubs postseason history. It was also arguably the most important, as it helped the Cubs to eliminate the Cardinals in Game 4 of the National League Division Series.

While Schwarber won’t be able to add any more moonshots to his resume this season, it seems like a really cool tribute to put the ball back on top of the video board, where it rightfully belongs.

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