ESPN Forgets White Sox World Series Title

Chicago White Sox fans may feel like their team doesn’t get the respect it deserves locally, but nationally those same fans definitely have an argument.

On Tuesday evening, ESPN Stats and Info marked the beginning of the World Series by tweeting out a factoid about the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are looking to win their first title since 1988.

The Dodgers were 7-1 on the postseason heading into the game, and according to the Worldwide Leader, they are looking to become just the second team in MLB history to win the World Series with two losses or fewer on their resume:

Naturally, White Sox fans can immediately recognize the problem with the since deleted tweet. In 2005, the Sox went on an 11-1 romp through the postseason, beating the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels before sweeping the Houston Astros in four games to capture their first World Series title since 1917.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time that ESPN has forgotten about the White Sox title. Last season, the cable giant put up a graphic comparing Cleveland and Chicago sports, including all of the titles that each city has won since 1965. The graphic included 10 titles for Chicago, including the Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears, and one for Cleveland, with the 2016 Cavaliers taking center stage.

Unfortunately, the graphic also omitted the 2005 White Sox, who apparently have done something to offend ESPN in some way:

ESPN later deleted the tweet and sent out a corrected version that included the 2005 White Sox, who can still take comfort in the fact that they went on one of the most dominant runs in postseason history when they won their title. 

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