Watch Cubs Players See Massive New Clubhouse for First Time

The Chicago Cubs are home after a long road trip to start the season, but the team got a nice boost on Sunday night when they saw their new clubhouse for the first time

The Chicago Cubs returned home after a long road trip on Sunday night, but instead of just getting off the plane and heading to their homes, the team made the trek to Wrigley Field to check out their new clubhouse.

The new space, which at an estimated 30,000 square feet is the second-biggest clubhouse in all of baseball, is a baseball palace befitting one of the hottest teams in the league, and the team posted a video for fans to check it out in all of its glory:

With how big the new clubhouse is, it makes the old space look like a broom closet. The massive circular structure is sure to have a lot of fans among the players, and in the video there are quite a few moments where the guys are simply marveling at all of the space they have for home games at the Friendly Confines. 

Now, the real question that needs answering: how will the new space fare for the team's epic dance parties after wins this season? 

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