Chicago Cubs

Javier Báez Bats Left-Handed vs. Reds Thursday

Báez, who is naturally left-handed, routinely takes batting practice from the opposite side of the plate

Chicago Cubs infielder Javier Báez plays the game with a lot of flair, but he did something on Thursday that even for him was pretty remarkable. 

With the Cubs ahead by seven runs in the ninth inning and facing Reds second baseman Kyle Farmer, Báez took an at-bat from the left side of the plate: 

Unfortunately for the sake of our story, Báez did fly out to center field, but lest you think he got lucky to hit the ball as hard as he did, there is one thing to keep in mind. 

Báez routinely takes batting practice from the left side of the plate, and is actually a natural lefty, only playing baseball right-handed. He has often credited his left-handedness for his awesome tagging ability. 

It's unclear whether Báez will try to bat lefty again, but if you were Joe Maddon, would you tell him no? 

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