Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox Can't Even Get Respect Overseas

The Chicago White Sox have had to deal with a lot of disrespect over the years, and it has even continued overseas.

In a photo taken at an MLB store in Seoul, South Korea, a fan captured a map of the 30 (well, 29) teams represented, and Sox fans aren’t going to like where the team’s logo was placed:

In the photo, taken by Twitter user Drew Forrest, the Sox old school logo was placed on the state of Indiana, while the Cubs got to dominate all of Illinois.

The Sox logo isn’t the only indignity suffered by a team. The Cincinnati Reds apparently moved to southeastern Kentucky or eastern Tennessee. The Colorado Rockies have been left of the map completely, with a Native American shooting a tiger pictured on the state instead of one of the National League’s wild card winners a season ago.

The Atlanta Braves also were moved to Alabama on the cartographically-challenged map.

This isn’t the first time the Sox have dealt with disrespect in recent years. ESPN forgot that the team won a World Series in 2005, and the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune” left the Sox off of a puzzle involving Chicago’s sports teams. 

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