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Addison Russell's Ex-Wife Details Allegations of Abuse Against Former Husband

Russell was suspended for 40 games because of abuse allegations made by his ex-wife

Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell will be serving a suspension after domestic violence allegations surfaced earlier this year, and more details of his alleged behavior emerged Thursday.

In a post published to the website Expanded Roster, Russell’s ex-wife Melisa Reidy spoke out in more detail about what happened in the couple’s marriage, including allegations of infidelity and detailing the alleged physical abuse that her ex-husband inflicted upon her.

Reidy’s allegations in the new story include Russell chasing and tackling her on the pavement after she went out with friends, as well as several other incidents, including one on a team charter flight after she says she found out that Russell was cheating on her. 

Reidy says that Russell sat next to her on the team plane, grabbed her leg, and said "if you don't (bleeping) act normal right now, I'm going to embarrass both of us on this plane." 

The new detailed allegations were published just 24 hours after Russell’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he had a child, alleged that Russell had tried to avoid paying her child support, as well as allegations of emotional abuse.

The Cubs addressed abuse allegations detailed in a blog post by Addison Russell’s ex wife. The shortstop has since been placed on administrative leave.

The Cubs declined to comment on the new allegations by Russell's ex-girlfriend, saying they had "no direct knowledge" of the claims.

"We do not believe it is appropriate to make a comment on a child support matter involving his daughter’s mother where we have no direct knowledge," the team told NBC 5. 

According to multiple reports, both the ex-girlfriend and Reidy spoke to Major League Baseball during the course of their investigation into Russell’s behavior.

The shortstop was ultimately suspended for 40 games by the league, and in a statement issued when the Cubs opted to tender him a contract earlier this fall, the team said that he will need to go through counselling and numerous other steps before he takes the field again.

“Before he can play another game in a Cubs uniform, we need to know that he’s serious about self-improvement and has grown to the point where he can represent the club well,” Cubs President Theo Epstein said in a statement.

Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell issued a statement late Friday after being placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball following new allegations of abuse were published by his ex-wife. Lexi Sutter reports.

Russell agreed to the parameters of the Cubs’ statement, saying that he hoped to grow from the experience and to “gain new insights” into himself.

 While there is a lot of work ahead for me to earn back the trust of the Cubs fans, my teammates, and the entire organization, it’s work that I am 110 percent committed to doing,” he said.

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