Michael Cuddyer Justifies His Sloth

In last night's White Sox game, there was but one play -- besides, of course, Jim Thome's big ol' home run -- that determined the outcome. It was Michael Cuddyer's attempt to score at from third in the fifth inning. Cuddyer was thrown out by a flat-footed Ken Griffey, Jr., and thankfully so; if not, the game would have gone 22 innings, and everyone would have realized how boring baseball really is. Can't have that.

But no: Cuddyer was gunned, the Sox won, and now the Twins have to answer for their decision. Via FanHouse, Michael, take it away:

"Obviously once (Griffey) caught that ball it was a play we had to make," Cuddyer said. "We had to take a chance right there. We weren't getting much done offensively, we were at the bottom of the order. We had to take a shot. ... Unfortunately A.J. made a hell of a play. I don't know how he held onto the ball. I thought I knocked his arm off, not just the ball, but he made a great play."

Yes, Pierzynski did make a great play. And Griffey made an above-average throw. (I'll say it again: The fact that Cuddyer was even sent there is a testament to how far most people think Griffey's d has fallen.) But the real key here is Michael Cuddyer's terrible, horrible, no-good-very-bad please-run-faster legs.

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