Mel Kiper Knows What the Bears Need

The answer: Pretty much everything

The NFL draft is April 25-26, and that may seem a long way away, but ... actually, it sort of is. But it's February, and there's really nothing else to talk about. So: NFL draft.

If there is one analyst who embodies NFL conventional thinking, in a good way, it's Mel Kiper. Kiper watches as much amateur football as anyone in the world, his ratings and rankings can make or break a prospect's draft, and his hair conveys authority. It is a little known fact that Mel Kiper's hair is the source of all his power, like Samson, from that one movie. (HT: Tracy Jordan.)

Anyway, Kiper has a local note of interest today. He knows what the Bears need to draft: everything:

"Wide receiver, offensive line, and obviously the quarterback situation has to be cleared up," Kiper said during a conference call Wednesday. "Certainly wide receiver would be the one you have to look at. Maybe Percy Harvin [Florida], if he was there, I think is somebody they’d have to consider. I just think their defense, which did not get it done in a lot of games, has to be looked at," Kiper continued. "And Tyson Jackson from LSU, a defensive end, would seem to [fit] kind of the mold of the versatile defensive lineman that they like."

The Bears should look at wide receiver, quarterback, offensive line and at the defense. Pretty much everywhere. Every position, really. Encouraging! Are you allowed to draft 25 players?

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