Baby Name Hoax Dupes Sports Bloggers

Parents name their kids the craziest things. But an infant Cubs fan named "Waitle Nex Yeare" is too good to be true.

But there it was in the Tribune's birth announcements page this week.

Suki and Justa Crappi Yeare of Chicago`s North Side are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Waitle Nex, born August 20th in Los Angeles. The entire Yeare family eagerly awaits her arrival back in Chicago. The first Waitle Nex Yeare was born in Chicago in 1909. It`s too bad great-great grandma isn`t around to see the birth of her namesake. Baby Waitle was born several weeks premature but is somehow perfectly healthy. Doctors tell us the chip on Waitle`s shoulder will wear down over the winter and she will be 100% healthy next spring. You should see how cute she looks with the albatross necklace around her neck. Pictures available at

Turns out, Suki and Justa Crappi are not the worst parents in the world (nor the goofiest named people ever, hello!), they don't exist. Their grandmother wasn't a Cubs fan either.

The birth announcement was a hoax; the brainchild of Rick Kaempfer, who runs

"It's not so much a hoax as it is a political statement," Kaempfer said.

He got the idea for the name while he was watching a Cubs vs. Dodgers game with a buddy.

"Right then I knew their season was over," Kaempfer said. "So I said 'Wait till next year is born again'."

"We came up with the idea of putting a birth announcement in the paper, but we never thought the Tribune would actually run it."

But they did, and then the story started spreading across the blogosphere, even landing on the popular

This story is rather believable because people do name their kids stupid stuff, like Addison N. Clark, for instance. But it looks like you'll have to wait till next time for "Waitle Nex Yeare".

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