Loyola Ramblers

Mayor Lightfoot Congratulates Loyola After Ramblers Bust Her NCAA Tournament Bracket

Illinois’ loss to Loyola on Sunday may have busted a lot of brackets, but Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was still gracious enough to congratulate the Ramblers even after they tore her bracket asunder.

Lightfoot sent out a tweet Sunday congratulating Loyola on the victory, which propelled them to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament:

“Don’t bet against Sister Jean,” Lightfoot advised residents. “Congrats to the Ramblers on this afternoon’s upset and Illinois on an incredible season. Next stop: Sweet Sixteen”

Lightfoot filled out a bracket prior to the start of the tournament, and like thousands of others, she had picked Illinois to win the whole thing:

Only two of Lightfoot’s Final Four teams are still in the tournament, as she picked Gonzaga and her alma mater Michigan to reach the big stage. She had also picked Ohio State, who lost their opening round game to Oral Roberts on Friday.

Lightfoot also lost Texas in her Elite Eight, meaning her bracket is off to a rough start.

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