Matt Forte Unhappy About Proposed Rule Changes for Runners

New rule would prohobit runners from lowering their heads to initiate contact with tacklers

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As the NFL owners meet to discuss changes to rules, they are considering making a change to how running backs can finish out their runs. Bears running back Matt Forte is not too pleased about the possible change.

With the new rule in place, runners can't lower their heads to initiate contact with their tacklers. When Forte sees a tackler, he can't use his head to hit him first to try to break a tackle. It's a rule that addresses head-to-head hits that the league is trying to limit with the greater hope of reducing concussions and brain trauma.

But Forte is not a fan of the rule. He tweeted: 

NFL defenders have been dealing with restrictions on their running for years. The NFL's push to limit concussion hits started with the defense. Lance Briggs, Brian Urlacher and Julius Peppers have all been on the wrong end of a flag for a helmet-to-helmet hit. New York Giants' cornerback Terrell Thomas told Forte, "Welcome to the club.

It's hilarious seeing all these RB complain about the rule change...welcome to the last 5 years of a defenders life...we're robot now ... A defender can't blind side a offensive player, but an offensive player can blindside a defensive player as long as its not going back towards the ball.

Like the players on defense, Forte will likely have to figure out a new way to finish his runs. It will be tough in the beginning, but like the defenders, they will figure it out.

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