Mark Buehrle Pitches in to Save Injured Dog

Sox pitcher pays $3,000 in vet bills for Sheltie

White Sox pitcher is generally known as a good guy, and his reputation is getting another boost this holiday season.

Buehrle, volunteered to pay the vet bills for a Sheltie found wandering in the St. Louis area with an arrow sticking from her abdomen, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Buehrle, who lives in St. Charles, Mo., paid nearly $3,000 in vet bills after the dog's plight became public when she was found on Dec. 9.

Eighty people applied to adopt the dog, named Shelby, after successful surgery to fix damage to her intestines.

We "feel very fortunate to have Shelby in our family," new owner Debbie Bray said.

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