Marathon Fashion Faux Pas

While fashion is a matter of taste, when it comes to workout gear there are definitely some things best left undone. Click to see more.

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Tube Socks It is best to probably avoid socks that reach mid-calf. More often than not, they can become a bunchy mess. And as an aside — we'd never advise running a marathon in Converse sneakers, either! Click to see more fashion don'ts.
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Too-Tight Clothing Tight-fitting, stretchy clothes are a running essential, but take it a step too far and you could show off a lot more than you wanted to.
Running in Costume While running in a banana suit may get some laughs, a costume is hardly the most practical fitness gear.
Distracting Clothes Remember, you are not the only one running and you have to share the road with others. An outfit that is too distracting can make sure you stand out to your fellow runners... but not in a good way.
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Sweatsuits If you're planning to run a marathon in a sweatsuit, you're doing it wrong. This is a huge fashion faux pas for runners — a grey sweatsuit might be the worst thing you could wear, as it will also reveal any amount of sweat you'll produce during the race. A matchy-matchy sweatsuit is just generally unflattering.
"Barefoot" Running Shoes While comfort is obviously one of the main factors when picking out running shoes, sneakers with built-in toe pockets do little more than look bizarre. Shown here are a pair of Adidas Bare.
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Wearing Matching Outfits No one likes that couple who wear the same clothes at a running event. Remember, you're running a race, not making a public declaration of love.
Running with Props While it is pretty impressive that the runner pictured here can run and juggle at the same time, imagine the mayhem that could ensue if he dropped one of the balls.
Very Revealing Clothing More and more marathoners are wearing less and less. Consider that your fellow racers are going to have to look at your tiny booty shorts for the entirety of the race.
Baggy Sweats Loose, ill-fitting sweatshirts or pants may keep you warm, but they certainly won't keep you fashionable. There are plenty of more-flattering options out there for those who want to update the hoodie but stay warm.
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Leg Warmers Are you taking a ballet class? Are you in "Flashdance?" If the answer is "no" to these questions it is probably best to leave this look in the 80's.
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