Luke Harangody Will Work Out For Bulls

Notre Dame power forward still unsure whether he stay in the draft

Is Luke Harangody a pro player? Luke himself doesn't know. That's why the junior, fresh off another stellar, All-American-level campaign at Notre Dame, is testing the NBA waters without an agent: there are no guarantees Harangody's college successes will guarantee him a spot in the NBA draft. Unlike the lucky ones, but like so many other marginal NBA-ers, Luke has to prove himself.

Apparently, there are still no guarantees. Harangody still hasn't signed with an agent. He still hasn't removed his name from the draft. He's still figuring things out.

Which brings him to Chicago Wednesday. Harangody will work out for the Bulls with power forwards like DeJuan Blair, Jeff Adrien and Josh Heytvelt. If there's one thing Bulls fans might be dreading, it's drafting someone like Harangody or Tyler Hansbrough, slightly undersized (especially in Harangody's case) power forwards who have limited ceilings in the NBA. Hansbrough's game is probably more pro-oriented, but still.

If Harangody is a Bulls selection, it would likely be in the second round, which is not somewhere you want to pick a short power forward whose potential has probably already been reached. If we had to guess, Harangody will probably be heading back to college for his senior season.

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