Key Matchups: Bears Vs. Vikings

These matchups will determine the game this Sunday. Can the Bears win the player battles?

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Coaches | Advantage = Bears
Marc Trestman came through in his debut NFL head coaching assignment by sticking with his game plan and managing the clock well. Until he loses, he's gotta get the edge.
Quarterbacks | Advantage = Bears
Cutler came out of the gates for the 2013 season playing hot. He put up solid numbers and led the Bears on a come from behind victory. Christian Ponder is still, well, Christian Ponder.
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Running back | Advantage=Vikings
nSorry, Forte. We expect you to have a solid game, but Adrian Peterson is looking like the best running back in the history of the NFL. We expect Peterson to win this head to head.
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Defensive | Advantage=Bears
nViking Jared Allen will have to face off against an improved Bears offensive front -- something he's never before seen. Julius Peppers, who was quiet vs the Bengals should have a breakout game against the rivals to the north.
Return Men | Advantage = Bears
Devin Hester is ridiculous. At least, he can be. Cordarelle Patterson is less so. We expect Hester to turn on the magic against a team he historically owns.
Receivers | Advatnage = Bears
Brandon Marshall is a beast. Nuff said.
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