Key Matchups: Bears Vs. Vikings

These matchups will determine the game this Sunday. Can the Bears win the player battles?

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Coach | Advantage Bears
nThe Vikings are last in the NFC North. The Bears are second. That alone speaks volumes about the strength of these two coaches.
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Quarterback | Advantage Bears
nThis is bold, we know. Some might argue that Josh McCown is still a backup and doesn't have anything on an experienced player like Christian Ponder. We respectfully disagree with such an argument. At first glance, Ponder's numbers are better. He's seen 1,608 yards and seven touchdowns over the entire season. McCown, meanwhile, has 1,106 yards and seven touchdowns to his name after only five games. Plus, Ponder gets sacked more than groceries on the day before Thanksgiving. If McCown continues to play, he'll most likely surpass what Ponder has done this season.
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Running back | Advantage Vikings
nThe Vikings may be struggling as a whole, but Adrian Peterson has still managed to be awesome. 997 yards and 10 touchdowns isn't anything to be humble about. Don't get us wrong, Matt Forte is still very good. Peterson is just better.
Wide receiver | Advantage Bears
nJerome Simpson still hasn't scored any touchdowns this season, and his yards are nothing compared to Brandon Marshall's 945. You can't argue with numbers.
KR | Advantage Bears
nSeriously, no one can touch Devin Hester. Not Cordarrelle Patterson. No one. The man is unstoppable.
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Defense | Push
nThe Vikings have Jared Allen, and the Bears still don't have some of their key men. This creates an interesting balance between the two teams on the defensive front. Anything could happen.
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