Key Matchups: Bears vs. Seahawks

Click through the gallery to view what our predictions are for the game against the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bears.

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Quarterbacks | Advantage = Bears
nWith a 28-10 win over division rival Minnesota, Cutler had a great game last week after recovering from a concussion, proving just how crucial his impact is to the Bears. He was good enough to get the Bears a win they desperately needed and most likely, he'll pull through again against Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson after a loss to the Dolphins.
Running Backs | Advantage = Push
nSince Matt Forte hurt his ankle against the Vikings last week, he'll unfortunately be sitting Sunday's game out. Michael Bush, Forte's replacement, most likely will take the lead against Seattle's injured Marshawn Lynch, giving the Bears an advantage with an uninjured player on the field.
Tight Ends | Advantage= Push
nKellen Davis is an all-around better player than Zach Miller and that includes his continual fumbled and dropped passes. But last week Kellen injured his ankle balancing out the talent of the two players. Let's see if an injured Kellen Davis is as good as a healthy Zach Miller.
Wide Receivers | Advantage= Bears
nLast week star wide receiver Devin Hester suffered from a concussion and will be out for this next game against the Seahawks. But brighter star Brandon Marshall is still in full health and will most likely do great against the average Sidney Rice of the Seahawks. Marshall is having a great season, dominating the last five games and significantly contributing to several offensive touchdowns.
Defensive | Advantage = Bears
nThe Bears have a tough job ahead of them this week with their current injured list resembling their defensive line roster. Both Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs are injured, canceling out two of Chicago's greatest defensive players. But the Seahawks also lost two of their defensive players, Leroy Hill and Red Bryant last week, though the rest of their defense should pull the weight and continue to do well.
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