Key Matchups: Bears vs. Saints

The Bears will need to work hard for a win against the New Orleans Saints.

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Coach | Advantage Saints
nThe Saints are still undefeated this season, which speaks volumes about Sean Payton's coaching ability. His absence due to his suspension last year definitely hurt the team, and we have a feeling Payton is making up for lost time. Sorry, Trestman.
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Quarterback | Advantage Saints
nDrew Brees proved last week that he's a force to be reckoned with, scoring four touchdowns and getting 413 yards against the previously undefeated Dolphins. Cutler, on the other hand, threw three interceptions during the Lions game and showed fans that there are still holes in his playing.
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Running back | Advantage Bears
nThe Bears can probably still count on Matt Forte this week. Pierre Thomas simply isn't an impressive player and hasn't scored any touchdowns this season. The Bears' defense won't have any trouble stopping him.
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Wide receiver | Advantage Bears
nOn paper, Brandon Marshall's numbers are just slightly better than Marques Colston's. Marshall has seen only 50 more yards and one more touchdown in 2013. However, Marshall tends to dominate when he's at home, so we're thinking he'll have the upper hand.
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PR/KR | Push
nDevin Hester is a machine with his 453 yards. However, Darren Sproles has played remarkably well this season and surprised everyone with his performance against the Dolphins last week. He's definitely going to give Hester a run for his money.
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Defense | Advantage Saints
nThe Saints' defense has improved drastically since last year, and most recently, had no trouble holding the Dolphins' offense. If Cutler keeps throwing interceptions, their job will only be easier.
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