Key Matchups: Bears Vs. Packers

Things aren't looking so good for the Bears. Take a look at the key match-ups for when the Bears take on the Packers in this week's game.

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Quarterback | Advantage = Packers
Cutler suffered a neck injury in last week's game against the Vikings and even though he is set to play he doesn't stand much of a chance against last year's MVP Aaron Rodgers.
Coach | Advantage = Packers
Bears are losing and fans are blaming Lovie Smith. Packer's Coach Mike McCarthy has won 11 straight games against the NFC North so until the Bears decide to step up their game, the advantage goes to the Packers.
Kicker | Advantage = Packers
Bears kicker Robbie Gould is out for the season; Packers get the advantage here.
Running Back| Advantage = Packers
Green Bay's Alex Green helped add to the Packer's 140 yard rushing total in last week's game
Wide Receiver | Advantage = Packers
Brandon Marshall has served the Bears well this season; however the same can't be said of the other receivers on the team.
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