Key Matchups: Bears vs. Giants

The New York Giants most likely won't pose a threat for Thursday's game.

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Coach | Advantage Bears
nTom Coughlin is talented, but the Giants' 0-5 record shows that something isn't clicking between team and coach. Plus, Coughlin made some strange calls against the Eagles Sunday. The Bears might have slipped the last couple weeks, but Marc Trestman is still a stable force.
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Quarterback | Advantage Bears
nEli Manning is having a strange season. He's getting yards, he's getting touchdowns, but he's also thrown 12 interceptions and hasn't yet led his team to a win. Jay Cutler has his imperfections, but Manning's inconsistency will have more of an impact.
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Running back | Advantage Bears
nWith only 146 rushing yards, David Wilson hasn't seen nearly the same action as Matt Forte. Wilson also suffered a pretty ugly neck injury Sunday and doesn't have a lot of time to heal. That doesn't bode well for the Giants.
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Wide receiver | Advantage Giants
nThe Giants' one guiding light is Victor Cruz. Despite Manning's lackluster performance this season, Cruz has still managed 473 yards and four touchdowns. The Bears need to watch out for him.
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KR | Advantage Bears
nWe'd really like to meet a KR capable of beating Devin Hester in a matchup. It certainly won't be the Giants' Michael Cox, who hasn't really done much in 2013. He might see a little more action if Wilson ends up benched because of his neck injury, but he isn't likely to do anything impressive.
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Defense | Advantage Bears
nThe Giants' defense isn't doing too hot this season. The large difference in score between the team and its opponents in virtually every game suggests the defense isn't doing a lot to keep the other guys from scoring. Unless Cutler and company completely fall on their faces, the Bears' offense should be able to work around them.
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