Kevin Gregg's Knee Doesn't Like to Sit Around

Surgery is affecting the Cubs' closer in ways he didn't anticipate.

If you have ever experienced the misery of knee surgery, you know that sitting in one position for too long and the cold are your enemies. Sitting outside for say, seven innings, and then having to throw pitches that are expected to baffle Major League hitters is not the easiest feat in the world if you've had your knee cut into. Hence, Kevin Gregg's off-season knee surgery is affecting him in ways he didn't imagine when rehabilitating his leg. He didn't realize that his knee would stiffen up like a three-year-old at Toys'r'Us when sitting outside for long periods of time during the frigid Chicago "spring."

Through spring training, Gregg's knee posed no problems. However, that was in Arizona, where the temperatures were warm, and since the Cubs were trying out several pitchers, he usually didn't warm up, throw some pitches, sit down, and then have to pitch again.

"I seem to have more of a problem with getting up multiple times, where I get up, for example, and come in and pitch the eighth, and then have to sit for 15 minutes, and then come back and pitch in the ninth," Gregg said. "For some reason, that is not meshing very well with my knee right now. But if I can get up, get hot, get in the game, my stuff has been on."

When Gregg is on, he is top-notch. During spring training, he didn't give up a single earned run, and struck 13 batters out in ten innings pitched. What's needed at this point is patience for Gregg to work through keeping his knee limber. The good news is that his knee will continue to improve.

"I've talked to the doctor who did my surgery and talked to the team doctors," Gregg said. "They said this is to be expected. I've hit every step along the way, and it's to be expected to have the soreness and have all these things. They say I'm doing pretty good, as far as the amount of soreness I have. It's working in my favor."

Not to mention that hopefully, Mother Nature will soon start to cooperate with baseball season. Granted, 35 degree games at Wrigley in April are more the rule than the exception, but as the weather improves, Gregg's leg should do the same.

 Maggie Hendricks is a lifelong Chicagoan who has two screws in her left leg. She also writes for Cage Writer, Yahoo! Sports' MMA blog, and Fourth-Place Medal, Yahoo! Sports' Olympic blog.

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