Just To Be Clear, Ozzie Guillen Still Hates Wrigley Field

"Everyone knows I hate Wrigley Field, and they have to respect that"

For all the bluster and talk of a rivalry, Cubs-Sox is probably a little overrated. Sure, it's fun, but it's also just another series; Chicago's two teams compete with each other in big, macroeconomical ways, but not so much in smaller fashion, and the outcome of one series or one game doesn't make much of a difference in the big scheme. It's just silly fun, but nothing more than that.

But hey, it's never too early to start getting people riled up, and Ozzie Guillen delivered this past week. Just so you know, he still really dislikes Wrigley Field.

''I have (three) reasons to like the Cubs: I like the manager (Lou Piniella) - I love the manager," Guillen told the Sun-Times. "I have a bunch of respect for the general manager (Jim Hendry), and I have a bunch of friends out there. I don't have anything against them. They are a great organization. There's one thing in Chicago: Everyone knows how much I hate Wrigley Field and they have to respect that.''

This is actually a kinder, gentler Ozzie Guillen than we're used to. In the past, he's been far more recriminatory toward the Cubs and Wrigley Field, once calling the ballpark rat-infested and complaining about the locker rooms and inadequate facilities. Which, except for the rats part (we hope) is all true. Wrigley Field is a dump. It's a charming, beautiful, nostalgic dump, and it desperately needs a facelift. Few people would argue that.

So, like we said, Ozzie's not being all that mean this time. "As soon as the game is over," he said, "we are all friends again." What gives? Has Ozzie -- gasp -- gone soft?

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