John Danks Says Thanks But No Thanks To WBC

Hopefully Carlos Quentin Will Follow Suit

While the World Baseball Classic is an interesting event for baseball fans and gives us all something to watch in March before the Major League season starts, the timing of it could probably use some work. When you think about it, having the WBC during the winter months would make more sense because then it wouldn't interfere with spring training. The way it's scheduled now causes a lot of the better players in baseball to skip the event because they don't want to jeopardize their health and their team, which is exactly why so many players are opting out of the event.

John Danks is the latest to make the right decision to skip out on the WBC, even if he's extremely honored just to be considered.

"I told them, 'Thanks, but no thanks,'

"My first obligation is to the White Sox. I need to come ready to Spring Training and come ready for a good year. I'm being counted on this year for 200 innings pitched and to give us a chance to win every game."

Danks is the second Chicago pitcher in three days to back out of the opportunity, as the Cubs Rich Harden had to turn down a chance to play for the Canadian team thanks to his ailing shoulder. Danks' decision could go a long way to making sure he doesn't develop a sore shoulder of his own.

Still, Danks isn't the only member of the White Sox who currently on the prospective rosters of the WBC teams. Carlos Quentin, A.J. Pierzynski, and Matt Thornton are all being considered to play for the U.S. squad as well, and while the White Sox can't keep any of them from participating, they probably don't want them too either. 

Especially in the case of Quentin who was having an MVP season for the Pale Hose last season before going down with a broken wrist. Like Danks, Carlos would be better served making sure his wrist is ready to undertake the beating of a 162-game schedule, not trying to win a relatively meaningless tournament.

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