Joakim Noah Style Guide

Bulls center brings his own sartorial style to the table.

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Joakim Noah's outfit drew the attention of NBA brass on February 4th during the game against the Indiana Pacers, but for the wrong reasons.
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Noah was reportedly asked to head back to the locker room to change into something more respectable. Apparently the outfit didn't adhere to the NBA dress code. Noah told ESPNChicago after the game that he wasn't sure which part of his outfit was objectionable.
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The Bulls center later returned to the game wearing a respectable button-down shirt and likely the same blazer.
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Chicago Bulls fans knew they were dealing with a character -- and someone with a unique sartorial style -- from the minute Joakim Noah was chosen in the 2007 NBA Draft.
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According to the NBA fashion police, t-shirts are OK, but cardigans and blazers are a no-go. Noah sported this look on the bench during a 2012 game against Philadelphia.
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Again with the t-shirt, classing it up with a pair of specs during a 2010 game.
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Noah rocks a fleece, t-shirt and boots on the bench during this 2011 game.
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Playoff attire -- watching warmups from the bench before Game 4 against the Philadelphia 76ers in 2012.
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Attending an Obama political rally at Navy Pier in 2011.
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Celebrating his 26th birthday at The Underground nightclub in 2011.
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At the same 2011 birthday bash.
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At a Michigan Avenue Magazine party with his mother and Bears player Israel Idonije.
A closer look at his "look."
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