Jerry Wainwright's Path of Basketball Destruction

DePaul coach's Web site has hilarious photo; meanwhile, team still awful

Were you, by some strange cosmic accident, to stumble upon DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright's personal Web site, the above image (this is probably where you should click on the image and enlarge it) would be the first thing you'd see. If you're anything like us, it would stun you momentarily. Then, it would cause you to laugh. Then, you'd wonder how on Earth anyone thought this was a good idea. And then, you'd start YouTubing random Godzilla clips. All in a day's web surfing.

In the long history of college basketball coaches' otherwise-useless personal homepages, that might be the best. Well done, Jerry.

Of course, the team Wainwright coaches is not quite so entertaining. Their last three games have been about as bad as any team in the country, starting with a 75-56 blowout loss to lowly Rutgers and followed by bad losses to Marquette and Pittsburgh. DePaul is done no favors by their conference -- the Big East has a way of throwing dastardly back-to-back matchups like Marquette-Pitt. at a team week after week -- but DePaul's winless conference record can't be entirely blamed on the schedule. There are beatable teams in the Big East. DePaul just happens to be chief among them.

Giant, Godzilla-esque Jerry will likely last the rest of the year. After that, it's not looking so good. Would it be mean if we suggested a career in web design?

Eamonn Brennan, who really hopes that last line wasn't too evil, is a writer, editor and blogger hunkered down in Lincoln Park. You can also read him at Yahoo! Sports, FanHouse, MOUTHPIECE Sports Blog, and Inside The Hall, or at his personal site,

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