Jermon Bushrod Celebrated First Day of Minicamp With Olive Garden Trip

New offensive lineman Jermon Bushrod made it through the fast-paced first practice of Bears' minicamp, and then went out with his family to celebrate and have a nice dinner.

Aww, what a cute baby. Wait, you moved to Chicago and then went to ... OLIVE GARDEN? Did you go to Au Bon Pain while in New Orleans? While in Baltimore to go to Towson for college, did you visit Red Lobster for your crabcakes? Come on, man.

Since you're new to town, maybe you haven't realized two important things that we love in Chicago: 

1. Good food
2. The Bears

There are great Italian joints all over Chicagoland, and they will all be happy to share their good food with you. Place with name's like Philly G's and Tufano's and Danny's with fresh pasta and flavorful sauces and nothing that could ever be called a "taste creation."

We're really happy you and your family are here. Chicago wants to see you do well and improve the offensive line, we will all rejoice and cheer and share our pasta e fagioli with you. Heck, if you keep Jay Cutler upright and open some holes for Matt Forte, I'll cook up a batch of gravy using my grandma's recipe(yes, that's what we call red sauce) for you and your whole family.

You're a Bear, and that comes with some privileges. One of them is never settling for mall food.

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