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3 Questions With Isaac Bruce

Four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver extends knowledge of "Greatest Show on Turf"



    3 Questions With Isaac Bruce
    Isaac Bruce

    "3 questions."

    Isaac Bruce made it clear to the assembled media in Bourbonnais he would not hold an extended Q & A.  He was there to extend his knowledge of the "Greatest Show on Turf" offense to the players, not onlookers.

    The first question to the man who garnered 15,208 receiving yards, the second all-time high in the NFL:  "In what ways can you help these guys get familiar with this offense?"

    "Number one, just to be more confident and take everything they've been taught in the meeting and take it out on the field and be comfortable with it," Bruce answered.

    Question two to the Rams' all-time leading receiver who had eight 1,000 yard seasons, four consecutive:  "Devin (Hester) said you told him it takes 2 1/2 years to learn everything in this offense..." this reporter began.

    "I told him it took me 2 1/2 years, he might learn it faster," Bruce corrected.


    I continued: "What can you do to speed up that process with a team that might not have that kind of time on their side?"

    Said the "Reverend" who caught the Rams' game-winning 73-yard touchdown in Super Bowl XXXIV:  "Well, be willing to learn.  I think anytime you have a training camp where you have about six weeks to prepare, that's plenty of time to learn any offense."

    And finally "Ike" was asked  (And reminded us "this is the last question, right?"): "You think about the offense you were running in St. Louis, do you see any similarities, what's missing?"   (Like a Torry Holt, a Kurt Warner, a Marshall Faulk?)

    "I don't see anything missing, I see guys who can make plays," he said.  "[We've] Got a quarterback who can wing it.  You know I always like that.  You got guys on the outside who can make plays who are fast and can run routes without breaking down.  So, when you got guys like that in this offense?  It's always good."

    Bruce then said "thank you" as another member of the media attempted a fourth question, and walked away.

    The Bears are hoping the man of a few words will have a lot to say to Lovie Smith's offense as he remains as a visiting "coach" the rest of training camp.