Injury Crunch

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There were plenty of injuries to go around Sunday, but the most vicious-looking occurred during Anquan Boldin's violent helmet-to-helmet collision with New York Jets safety Eric Smith.

Boldin was down for several minutes before being immobilized and carried off the field. The good news is all tests were negative so it appears Boldin did not sustain any serious head or neck injuries.

While it always feels bit insensitive to talk about fantasy impact when something really serious happens to a player, this is the business we have chosen. Head injuries are tricky, and the Cardinals are probably going to err on the side of caution after such a high-profile hit, as they should. It's not out of the question that Boldin could play against Buffalo, but that probably won't clear up until later in the week. Boldin owners should keep monitoring the situation. Or better yet, just keep reading Rotoworld while we monitor it for you.

In other news, Aaron Rodgers left the game against Tampa Bay with a shoulder injury. The Packers call it a bruise. He's saying it could be separated. Meanwhile, Packer nation is reeling from the combination of remembering what it's like to have a QB who gets injured and watching their old workhorse throw a career-high six TDs. Lots of tear-stained Favre jerseys up there in Dairyland. Green Bay backup Matt Flynn didn't exactly set the world on fire in his debut, going 2-for-5 for a gaudy six yards. If Rodgers can't go, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver owners will want to temper their expectations. Although the Packers do play Atlanta next week, so anything is possible.

Carson Palmer had what appeared to be an attractive fantasy matchup against Cleveland, but never got going because of swelling in his elbow. There's a good chance he will make his return next week against Dallas. If not, all Bengals offensive players take a fantasy hit if Ryan Fitzpatrick is running the show again.

Darren McFadden was visibly hampered by his ongoing toe problems against San Diego. Perhaps he should find out how the Chargers fixed LaDainian Tomlinson's toe, because he seemed to be over them while putting up big numbers against the Raiders.

Gus Frerotte hurt his hand late Sunday and was replaced by Tarvaris Jackson in possibly the least exciting QB rotation in league history. If you're relying on the Vikings passing game in your fantasy league, things probably aren't going well.

Brian Westbrook was held out of the game against the Bears, but he did go through a pre-game workout, which would seem to suggest he is at least close to returning. The Eagles' appeared to be growing dangerously thin at RB when Correll Buckhalter hurt himself making a tackle on Bears S Kevin Payne following an interception. Buckhalter returned, however, and even seemed to have a little extra spring in his step after the break.

Also in the night game, Brandon Lloyd left with a knee injury and did not return. Just when Lloyd was starting to creep back on to America's collective fantasy radar, he's gone. The extent of the injury is not yet known, so he may not be gone for good.

Bits and pieces: Bears CB Charles Tillman sustained a shoulder injury, returned briefly, then left the game for good. . Denver WR Clifford Russell, like Boldin, was carted off the field Sunday, though he did manage a wave to the crowd as he was leaving. . Carolina tackle Jeff Otah (ankle) said X-rays were negative and he hopes to play next week. . Texans S C.C. Brown broke his arm and will have surgery Monday. . Rams WR Dane Looker sustained a fourth-quarter concussion against the Bills.

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