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Cubs Damage Caray Statue



    A Cubs staffer working on converting Wrigley Field from baseball to football hit the statue with a vehicle and cracked the base, the team says. (Published Friday, Nov. 12, 2010)

    "Holy cow!"

    Harry Caray might have said it best himself if he saw the pedestal upon which his likeness stands:  there's a large Y-shaped crack that travels through the inscription.

    "One of our field vehicles working on the conversion of Wrigley Field’s playing surface from baseball to football accidentally clipped the base of the Harry Caray statue, causing a crack in a piece of granite," said Cubs spokesman Jason Carr.

    Carr said it happened Oct. 25.  Replacement granite is already on order and the damaged piece will be replaced shortly, he said.

    The statue almost instantly became a tourist hot spot, with fans and non-fans stopping for photos in front of the temporarily damaged statue. 

    Many passers-by stated openly that the crack likley doesn't bode well for the Cubs, but at least one was a more "half-full" glass kind of guy.

    "It might be the break they need," said one man.

    The Northwestern Wildcats football team takes on Illinois at Wrigley on Nov. 20.