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Glazer: Bears Will Be Active in NFL QB Market to Find New Starter

Why Glazer thinks Bears will be 'big players' in QB market originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

We’re still a couple of months away from the official start of the new league year, but there’s already buzz that more quarterbacks could be on the move to new teams than any other offseason in NFL history. In the middle of it all are the Bears, who will try to finally find their franchise QB for the umpteenth time.

“They’re going to be big players,” said Jay Glazer in a video published on Twitter. “They’re going to have to. They know that their entire offseason— future really— hinges on them finding the right guy, finding a quarterback where they don’t have to keep having the quarterback carousel. If you have a guy in there, an offensive guy like Matt Nagy, you want to find somebody you can team up with him for a long time. Whatever I think my top-three options are, I’m doing everything I can to make sure I get those top three options.”

You can probably guess who Glazer’s top option would be, and yes he thinks the coveted QB is worth the price.

“The first option is Deshaun Watson,” Glazer said. “That’s the guy. Of anything out there, Deshaun Watson would be my top target. I would trade so much for a guy like Deshaun Watson. Then you have a guy like Matthew Stafford, I think would probably come in after that. Then there’s a couple of those draft picks I’d be really interested in.”

Of course, just because those might be Ryan Pace’s top-three options, that doesn’t mean the Bears will land any of those options. In Watson’s case, the Bears will have to convince him to waive his no-trade clause to come to Chicago versus every other team in the NFL. With an aging defense and not a lot of salary cap room to lock up other offensive weapons, that may be easier said than done. In Stafford’s case, Pace will have to convince a rival to trade a franchise QB within the division.

Looking at the draft, the Bears can at least control their destiny, to a degree. While all of the top-tier quarterbacks may be off the board by the time the Bears’ No. 20 overall pick rolls around, Pace is known for trading aggressively to get his guy. He’s moved up in the draft eight times over six drafts to select Mitchell Trubisky, Leonard Floyd, Eddie Jackson, David Montgomery, Anthony Miller, Darnell Mooney, Nick Kwiatkoski and Trevis Gipson. So it’s reasonable to believe he’d do it again to try and solve the quarterback position.

But in the event none of Glazer’s top three options don’t pan out, the Bears will still have other avenues to find their next starter.

“I think the Eagles are going to try to make things work with Carson Wentz, so I don’t think he’s going to be out there, per se,” Glazer said. “But there’s going to be a couple of other guys, veterans that you’re going to be surprised about that could be had.”

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