2009 Honda Training Tips

The 2009 Chicago Marathon Training tips kick-off the first weekend in June and will continue for 18 weeks. 

Each week, check back for your tip of the week,with the NBC 5 Fitness Team joined by Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski and many other notables throughout the training season! 

Happy running!

Training Tip No. 1

 Set your eyes on the goal, and start running!

Training Tip No. 2

NBC 5's Fitness Team helps you find all the gear you need to get ready for the marathon.

Training Tip No. 3

The NBC 5 Fitness Team helps explain how to practice what you eat and drink before the marathon.

Training Tip No. 4

Though some aches and pains are normal and to be expected, you do need to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Training Tip No. 5

Andrea Metcalf of the NBC fitness team and Erin Coomer from AthletiCo discuss how to tell the difference between some minor aches and pains and real physical problems.

Training Tip No. 6

 26.2 miles is a long way. A proper diet will help ensure you don't run out of gas before the finish line.

Training Tip No. 7

Olympic Bronze Medalist Deana Kastor talks about the experience of running a marathon and about a runner's worst nightmare.

Training Tip No. 8

Mother nature always likes to play around and the weather can affect your workouts and your training.

Training Tip No. 9

Don't show up to race day confused. There's more to know than just running.

Training Tip No. 10

Serious runners need serious running apparel.  Dave Zimmer with Fleet Feet sports talks about what's hot this year.

Training Tip No. 11

Greg Zimmer from Feet Fleet Sports shows off some gadgetry that can help on your long-distance runs.

Training Tip No. 12

The big day is coming up. No one can do it alone. You'll need a support team -- and runner tracking can help your friends and family find out how you're doing.

Training Tip No. 13

Stick to your game plan. Marathon Pace Time Coordinator Paul Miller talks about running with a pacing team during the Marathon.

Training Tip No. 14

Marathon runners are going to get a fantastic tour of the city's diverse neighborhoods, but pay attention to instructions along the course.

Training Tip No. 15
Training Tip No. 16

Knowing where to get help or what you need before or on race day is crucial for the safety and success of the marathon.

Training Tip No. 17

Two weeks to go! Andrea Metcalf talks about carb loading and the importance of avoiding spicy foods before the big race.

Training Tip No. 18

Just a few more days until race day! Our final training tip has a few quick tips... then we'll see you at the finish line!

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