For First Skit, Conan Finds Wrigley, Runs Through

Is that illegal? Conan chased through Friendly Confines

Last night was the debut of Conan O'Brien's let's-hope-it-goes-well "Tonight Show" (really, the world needs more Conan, and maybe a little bit less of his predecessor), and Conan wasted no time getting to the funny. His first skit, a well-edited bit featuring Conan's lanky frame sprinting, Forrest Gump-like, through America, was immediately comical, and it's the same sort of goofy humor O'Brien perfected in his "Late Show" routines. The new gig's in good hands.

Of course, you can't create a visual montage of running across America without some shot of Chicago, and Conan made sure to stop and pay his respects to the Second City. Unfortunately, Conan didn't get the geography of the run right. You wouldn't run south over the Chicago river (with the giant Tribune building lurking behind) only to end up at Wrigley Field; you'd have a better shot of making it to U.S. Cellular. But hey, maybe Conan took the Red Line:

Conan's already out-hustled every Cubs outfielder, and it's only his first night. For his next act, maybe O'Brien will raise the Cubs' team batting average to above .260.

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