Finding Reason to Have Faith In the Bears

The Bears are 3-3. It's basically 0-0, except now we know a little bit more about them. We know that their corners are bombed out and depleted; we know that their run defense is relatively stout; we know that Kyle Orton is somehow better than he should be; we know that Matt Forte has been a solidly pleasant surprise.

We know that the Bears have a decent chance to win the NFC North, partially because they're decent but mostly because the NFC North is an abomination. It is a pox on the National Football League. It deserves no respect, and shall be given none.

Still, the Bears have done a tremendous job this year of masking whatever positives they've shown -- the defense, Orton, etc. -- with horrible, ugly, faith-destroying plays. The last 11 seconds of the Falcons game last week pretty much summed that up: Somehow, the Bears snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

So is there any reason to have faith? Why should we believe the Bears can put together a winning season? Windy City Gridiron is keeping the love alive:

WCG: [...] I believe that if they can come out with a victory this weekend against the Vikes and circle their wagons during the bye -- the Bears could easily finish 10-6 and atop of the NFC North. The Bears are 3-3, it doesn't sound too good, but 3-3 is first place in the division right now, and the division is still theirs to lose. Kyle Orton is coming into his own, Forte is looking like a franchise RB, Hester is developing into a true WR (even though I miss the return game on special teams), and the defense has the talent, they just need to pull it together and get everyone on the same page.

The Bears face the Vikings this weekend, while the Packers face a Colts team that seems to be pulling it together and SHOULD be able to go into Green Bay and get a win. Next Monday, I expect all of us to be talking about how, even through all the tough losses this year (already), the Bears have somehow managed to pull it all together and will have sole possesion of first place in the NFC North.

Well then. We can't say we agree -- especially with the Hester-as-a-true-WR part -- but a little blind faith in the Bears never hurt anyone. Alas, 'Da Bears Blog is less optimistic::

DBB: But if you're asking me if I think Lovie Kotite (well played Steve Rosenbloom) and the Broken Record Bears will win at home Sunday afternoon, I don't have a clue. I'm going to pick them in a few seconds and do so (1) confident they are the superior team and (2) without the slightest bit of confidence.

If you put this north Jersey playwright through a lie detector test and asked me if I believe the Bears can represent the conference in the Super Bowl, it'd tell you I'm telling the truth when I say "yes". I'd give the same answer if I was asked if I believed the team could finish third in the division.

That, I think, is the best take: We have no idea. The Bears begin their division schedule portion now, and it should be advantageous, but this is the NFL and the Chicago Bears, two of the more unknown entities in our lives. We'd have a better shot picking the lottery this weekend.

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