FBI Aids in Search for Stanley Cup Puck

Stanley Cup-winning puck has been missing since Kane scored

Some of Chicago's top cops have been tasked to crack a compelling case -- the whereabouts of the puck used to score last year's Stanley Cup-winning goal.

During the hoopla following Patrick Kane's overtime goal that lifted the Blackhawks over the Philadelphia Flyers, nobody seems to know what happened to the puck.

Grant DePorter, CEO Harry Caray's restaurants and holder of several pieces of iconic Chicago sports memorabilia, wants to showcase the puck at his Navy Pier location and has put up $50,000 to anyone who can find it.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the FBI is now on the case.

But lest you think the FBI's manpower is being misused when there's more important issues to deal with, spokesman Ross Rice told the newspaper that the investigators are doing it on their own time because "they feel they are a part of history."

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