Your Insane Coaching Rumor of the Week: Lloyd Carr to Syracuse

Everyone knows Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson is "dead coach walking." So naturally, coaching speculation would start early. The imminent dismissal of Robinson has picked up more steam with a bye week coming up after the Pitt-Syracuse game tomorrow.

Reports are now circulating on the internet and on local sports radio that ex-Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr has been seen at Syracuse today. He was also in Syracuse last weekend. Carr has no ties to the present Orange coaching staff, so there is little reason for him to be up there.

Naturally, for Syracuse fans this has fueled something akin to optimism. The idea that Carr might be lured out of his retirement to take over the Orange would indeed be heady stuff.

Reality is likely far different. If Carr is indeed up in Syracuse, it seems more likely that he would be there to offer advice and get his opinion on potential candidates for the job. Brady Hoke? Mike DeBord? Ron English?

Carr retired last year from Michigan. He has remained active in Michigan in charity works and public appearances. It was even announced today that he would be the public face for a student mentoring program in Michigan. Lloyd Carr is not going to be leaving the State of Michigan for the Syracuse job (or any other).

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