What Better Time For a Hole-in-One Than With J.R. Smith In Attendance?

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Golf Digest puts the odds

Mike Wolf, Denver Nuggets examiner and radio personality, headed out to City Park Golf Course, the spotty muni just up Colorado Boulevard in Denver to play nine holes with his neighbor, only to run into J.R. Smith in the parking lot. A little taken back to see such a figure at a rather mediocre golf facility, Wolf approached Smith and chatted with him. Oh, and then he found out a few minutes later he was playing with the Nugget star. That is when things started getting interesting.

Then came the long par 3 seventh hole. With a slight breeze in my face, I deliberated over my choice of club. I'm not a big fan of the 190-yard distance, (ed. note: probably a bigger fan of that distance now) never sure if I should whip a 4 or 5 iron or choke down on the 5 wood. I went with the 5 wood, teed up towards the back of the tee box, choked down diligently and swung nice and easy.

"Did that go in the hole?" asked my buddy Jeff.

"I think so," I whispered, still in shock.

"Yo! Yo!" yelled J.R. running straight at me. He jumped slightly and extended a true NBA-style chest bump. After 16 years of playing golf I had just hit my very first hole in one. And received my first chest bump from an NBA player.

I think the Ryder Cup teams needs to take some notes from Smith. When succeeding on the golf course, the only acceptable way to celebrate is the full chest bump maneuver. Do you think the Europeans would complain about stepping in their line a la 1999 if J.B. Holmes and Phil Mickelson did a full belly buster right in front of them?

These are the things I think need to be introduced to give us a chance this week at Valhalla. Mike Wolf, J.R. Smith, you men just gave the U.S. a new edge.

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