Virginia Football- No Future II: The Day After No Future

"F*ck everyting, f*ck me"- Titus Andronicus

I could wait and calmly deduce exactly what has gone wrong with Virginia's football program, but sometimes, white hot rage is the only acceptable response. I understand that Virginia lost two first round draft picks (and probably the best player in school history), its starting quarterback, its best returning defensive player and won five games by less than two points en route to a 9-4 season. But when your head coach is being paid over $1.5 million per season, does that even come close to justifying how Virginia has transformed into what is unquestionably the worst team in a BCS conference- say what you will about Syracuse, at least they scored 21 points against Pittsburgh, which is more than UVA has put up against its three DI-A competitors thus far. And yeah, one of them was USC, but the other two were UConn and now, Duke. You won't catch it on SportsCenter, but yes, Duke put a curb-stomping on Virginia to the tune of 31-3. Where to begin? Marc Verica probably played his last game as a starter by throwing four interceptions in the second half, contributing to UVA's six total turnovers. Rashawn Jackson was the leading rusher for Virginia, with 43 yards. He's a fullback. John Phillips led the way with 59 receiving yards. He's a tight end. And although UVA ended up outgaining the Blue Devils, it's indicative of what the program has become under the stewardship of Al Groh and Mike Groh- unexciting, stubborn, and more often than not, losing. Were it not for the aberration of 2007, Groh would be in a position to suffer three straight losing seasons where, more often than not, the team looks completely lost on offense and has no succession plan on defense. Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Northwestern and Duke have one less between them. Virginia can no longer hide behind its assumed academic standards. More thoughts later, but the fact is, following Virginia football is like being a Democrat- please, anyone but the old guy and his incompetent sidekick.

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